FFXIV Has One of The Best MMO Communities!

Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to Tiny Blue Games, my name is Csaw and today we are talking about FFXIV in 2019. Specifically, we will be taking a deep dive into the Final Fantasy XIV community and discussing its impact on new players. There is a companion video to this blog post that you will see below. It gives a great summary of many of the topics discussed in this post, however the post does go into greater detail. Let’s get into it!

The FFXIV community from a new players perspective

As a new player to an MMORPG, or really any new game, community is one of the first things you notice. Even if you aren’t an overly social player, just seeing others engaging with one another makes the game feel more alive. It is these interactions that make MMORPGs feel like real worlds, and make the game more immersive.

I’ve played many different MMOs and not all of them have great communities, especially when it comes to dealing with new players. Often times new players are discriminated against as there is a belief that they will slow down veteran’s progress. This, however, has not been the case in Final Fantasy 14, or at least not for me. I’ve found almost anyone I’ve ran into very friendly, and when I tell people that I am a new player they are very eager to help me out. I’ve had people friend me, and promise me a position in their free company if I do end up buying the full game. I’m sure this hasn’t been everyone’s experience, but as a new player on Goblin (my FFXIV realm/server) it has really been a breath of fresh air! 

FFXIV Reddit, Official Forums, and YouTube… Oh my!

Of course, the in-game community is only a sub-portion of the entire Final Fantasy 14 community that I have had interactions with. Clearly, as a content creator myself, I believe that a game’s online community is essential to its success. These online portions of the community are not only often the initial contact point for potential new players, but are also the parts of the community players engage with even when they aren’t able to log into the game.

FFXIV on YouTube

I of course have to start by talking about the YouTube community. For those of you that are unaware, Tiny Blue Games is first and foremost a YouTube channel, and I have recently been creating videos about my first play-through of FF14. The most exciting part of this experience has been seeing the FFXIV community’s comments on each of my videos. Every video I have posted has had the highest comment to view ration of any of my videos, and most excitingly they are all kind, useful comments. That’s saying a lot, we’ve all seen the kind of comments YouTube videos usually get right? Toxic is kind of the norm. Well not for FFXIV fans, I have been blown away by the amount of support and help they have show me as a new player. They seem genuinely excited to watch someone enjoy a game that they love so much.

FFXIV Reddit

Then there is the FFXIV Reddit. Reddit is probably what I use the most to stay up-to-date with any game that I am passionate about. It is also a great way to gadge a player bases’ general sentiments towards game developers. I mean just go the WOW Reddit and see if people have an opinion about Battle for Azeroth… As a new player myself, I think the thing that has stood out the most about the Final Fantasy 14 Reddit is how many posts are made by new players joining the game or asking questions. At least daily I will see a post from a new player rise to the top, and the post itself will be filled with many helpful tips for new players that are starting the game.

FFXIV Official Forums

Finally, we have the FFXIV Official Forums. I would say that I visit the official forums the least out of the 3 sub-communities I have just described, but it does offer something that the other communities don’t (or at least not as much), and that is direct communication with developers. This is true of most games I have played, except maybe Guild Wars 2 where the developers comment in Reddit more than on the forums. At any rate, the official forums are a great place to stay up-to-date with FFXIV news, specifically through their producer letters that outline future content and explain the development teams reasoning behind specific questions.

Is the FFXIV Community Toxic?

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m sure there are still toxic players lurking in the shadows, I mean we are still on the internet after all, but proportionally the amount of awesome people in FFXIV seems very high! To put it in perspective, if it was on a scale out of 10 I would put games such as FFXIV and Guild Wars 2 at around a 9, World of Warcraft at around a 6, and League of Legends at around -2. So, the game isn’t a perfect 10 out of 10, but I don’t think that anything online could ever have a perfect community. I’m sure that once I get into some more group content (such as dungeons and PVP) I will see more of the ugly side of the player base. The most toxic players also tend to be endgame players, where they are purely focused on efficiency as opposed to enjoying the journey.  

All that said, I can confidently say that it is one of the friendliest communities I have encountered in a long time! Plus, if you haven’t tried it yet, Final Fantasy XIV has an awesome free trial! If anything, it will let you experience the community first hand before you have to pay a dime.

Thank you for reading, I will see you in the next post!


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